how the buddy duck brew is made
Our Fuddy Duck brewing process sets us apart from our competitors. 
We hand pick the ingredients. We manually operate the machinery, add the ingredients by hand. 
We turn the cauldron using our wooden oak paddle. 
 We taste test at each stage of it’s journey to the bottle getting it perfect for the shelf of your local pub and shops. 
 We're trying our damnedest to brew an award winner, watch this space!
The Fuddy Duck Brew Shopping List: 

Germinated Cereal Grains 
. . . that means Malted Barley 
Flowers from the Humuus Lupus Plant
 . . . that means Hops 
Eukaryotic Microorganisms 
. . . that means Yeast 
Sweet, Short-Chain, Soluble Carbohydrates 
... that means Sugar 
Lastly a sprinkle of Fuddy Duck Magic 
. . . that means a mighty fine tasting brew!